Secure SSL Certificates

Protect your customers and your site from fraud and theft. A Secure SSL Certificate from tells customers that your site is secure.

Secure your web site With a 128-bit SSL Certificate from
Your visitors, prospects, and customers are on their guard. These savvy Internet users are wary of Web sites and online businesses that aren’t what they claim to be, and worried that their personal and financial information might fall into the wrong hands. Turn your customers’ concerns into a competitive advantage. A Secure Certificate verifies that:

You met the thorough approval it takes to be issued the certificate.

Transactions with your site (like information exchange, or purchases) are secure and 128-bit encrypted with industry-standard SSL (secure sockets layer) technology.

Most importantly, it tells them they can do business with you safely because their sensitive information is encrypted and remains private. offers two types of Secure SSL Certificates, as well as Wildcard
(multiple sub-domain) versions. Choose the certificate that works best for you!

Turbo SSL™ Secure Certificate
Domain Only Validation


99% browser recognition

128-bit encryption

Fast, no-hassle, automatic process verifies domain nameand domain control

Certificate issued within minutes

Available for 1 to 10 years

For sale to individuals or companies worldwide

$1,000 warranty

Some Issuance Restrictions apply.

High-Assurance SSL Certificate
Full Company (or Individual) Validation

99% browser recognition128-bit encryptionThe Validation Processverifies: domain name and domain control; identity and authority of requesting person or company  Available for 1 to 3 years$1,000 warrantyCertificate can be issued in 2-4 hoursSome Issuance Restrictions apply.

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