Our new Pop-Up Blocking, Internet Cleaning, Privacy Protecting, Embarrassment Avoiding, File Securing PC protection software.

NEW StealthRay™ protects your Internet- and PC-privacy through these five vital functions:

Stops those annoying pop-ups cold.
Provides a powerful Internet Cleaner that automatically and completely erases your Internet activity. No more worrying about others knowing where you’ve been, what you did, or what you saw!
Automatically removes the thousands of garbage files the Internet deposits on your computer each and every time you surf.
Permanently “shreds” any file that you really want deleted so it’s really gone!
Password protects access to any file using an advanced encryption routine – with no back door.

StealthRay is a snap to use. There’s nothing you need to know to have StealthRay protect your Internet experience. It runs completely automatically after it’s installed and it won’t slow your computer or Internet connection. And as an added bonus, StealthRay includes a glossary of online and Internet terms. 

Download StealthRay today! StealthRay comes with an unconditional 30 day moneyback guarantee.

Price seem too low? There’s no catch. Nothing else you need to pay.

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